How to Market a New Product or Service for Your Small Established Business

There is so much to do to successfully market a business, most of the time we hope that our products or services are enough to get us that beautiful repeat business, but what do we do when we need to do a special push of an item?

Website and email marketing
Of course, there is online, plastering your new product or service across your site. Setting a launch date and trying to gain some hype for the new element of your business. Email marketing can deliver consistent results and is a great way to softly contact those who you already know have an interest in your business.

Social media
Slightly easier for companies who are B2C as you have numerous windows that can literally put your message in your customer’s hands. The tricky part is getting the content to go on these networks and to keep up with the trends. Just think about what your USP (Unique Selling Point) is and why people would be interested. The great news is with social media is that it can be quite forgiving to the occasional dull or boring post and so you can test the waters and gradually find your tone.

In house
Get your staff excited about your product and then you will naturally have word of mouth. You could try to incentivise sales of your new product or service with staff rewards. Get a buzz going in the office. Staff that care about what they are doing will work so much harder for you!

Make sure, especially if you are customer facing, that your place of business has lots of beautiful visuals up and around to explain the new feature of your business. This should be linked to leaflets of details that you can give your customers on exit, or you could send to them through the post. For example, you could craftily minimise the product explanation and value down to the size of an attractive plastic business card. Thinking slightly differently, using different materials and defining convention in marketing in small way can really serve to capture consumer’s attention. A business card that is not a business card… interesting.

Be sure to get in touch with your local Chamber of Commerce as they will be sure to have local small business events. These are the perfect places to meet like minded business professional who may just hold the key to unlocking that new market or a good business contact.