What Consumers Look for in A New Product – The Best Guide for Marketing Strategies

What do you look for every time you are trying out a new product? Do you look for its applicability in your lifestyle? Well, almost everything in the market is applicable to any individual. Rather than its application, you should look for appropriateness. Is it appropriate for your lifestyle? Will it fit your personality and the people in your life? This is one aspect that marketing experts look into. Once a product can fit any lifestyle, the product will be a sure hit.

The next thing that a consumer looks for in a product is its durability. Durability is measured by a product’s ability to stand the test of time. In terms of consumables, the longer it serves, the better it is. It did not last longer because it is not used, but rather, it does not get easily consumed because it has the ability to provide the desired results even with minimal application.

Third on the list is a product’s aesthetic appeal. People are first attracted to examine an item because of its appearance. An aesthetically packaged product will mean more possibilities of being looked at. It should be able to pique the curiosity of passers-by.

Next is the price tag. Does the price give justice to its manufacturing process and the benefit it provides for the consumers? Is it readily available in case clients needed more? Another criteria that consumers decide against whether to use a new product or not, is the advantage of using it over what they got used to before your product came to existence. Will using your product be a better choice for me and the people involved in my life?

One product that is quite easy to market are the highly scented candles. Scented candles are usually aesthetically packaged, sometimes ready for wrapping to be presented as gifts. Once plastic packagings have been removed, one can easily noticed the release of herbal oil scents from these items. Since they also highly scented, individuals do not have to light them up to enjoy the fragrance it emits, thus making it last longer than it should.

Because candles have the property to conform to different shapes and sizes of molders or containers, its packaging will prove to be very attractive. There are times that senders put ribbons on it and give the gift as is. It is already beautiful as it is displayed that wrapping the candle will not give justice to its aesthetic features.

The fragrance that scented candles gives out is enough invitation for passers- by to look for the source of such desirable scent. Marketing and selling scented candles are like having additional staff to sell such products. A scented candle’s fragrance, takes care of making its presence known through its desirable odor. This aromatic scent, with its highly affordable price tag is but a combination of good quality product and effective marketing strategy.

In addition, once an individual decides to try out a new product like scented candles, it will also emit the same scent. As such, when used, the scent it gives out is enough to invite other interested clients thus, cutting down on marketing and product launching costs. How about that – a product that promotes itself.

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